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Keeping Your Pool Sparkling Clean: Robotic vs. Suction Pool Cleaners

Many have the dream or desire to own their own swimming pool so that they can enjoy a refreshing dip whenever it suits them. However, what you may not realise is how much work goes into cleaning and maintaining your pool in order to keep the water hygienic, the surfaces sparkling and the filtration system intact. Manual cleaning with brushes is an option, however it is as time consuming as it is labour intensive. To save themselves hours of hard work the large majority of pool owners will invest in some form of automated cleaning system for their pool.

When it comes to automated cleaning, there are two main types – suction cleaners and robotic cleaners. Suction cleaners have been around for a lot longer and are traditionally very popular choices. They operate by hooking up to the pools main filtration system and utilising the existing suction power of the pool pump to vacuum the floor and lower wall area. Debris will be sucked through the cleaner and be sent to the pools main filter to be removed.

While suction cleaners are a great, budget friendly option, they generally only provide basic and semi automated cleaning. Robotic cleaners on the other hand are fully autonomous with onboard motors and advanced programming capabilities that allow them to independently clean all pool surfaces. Robots have their own integrated pumps and filtration systems that allow them to deliver more thorough cleaning of floors, walls and even the water line, due to them having their own filters, robots will take the load off your pools inbuilt filter system.

The autonomous operation of a robotic pool cleaner has quickly resulted in them becoming the preferred option for pool owners looking to spend more time enjoying their pool, rather than maintaining it.

How Suction Pool Cleaners Work

Suction pool cleaners are the more traditional style that most people will think of in regards to pool cleaners. They connect to the existing filtrations system using a dedicated suction line. These suction cleaners do not have their own motors or pumps, relying instead on the full suction power generated by the main pool pump and filter.

Once turned on, the cleaner is able to move around the bottom of the pool using the suction to propel itself. It will be able to vacuum up dirt, leaves and any other debris and pass this through to the main filter canister for collection.

Downsides of Suction Cleaners

While suction cleaners have been a popular low-cost option, they do come with some significant downsides compared to more advanced robotic models:

– Require the pump to run for 3-5 hours or more per cleaning, using a lot of energy
– Not fully autonomous, relies on pump being turned on

Suction technology lacks the thorough cleaning capabilities of independent robotic models. With limitations in reach, filtration, and moving parts that can get obstructed, most pool owners eventually look to upgrade to a more convenient and high-performing robotic cleaner.

Advantages of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners represent a major advancement in convenience and cleaning performance. Featuring motors and intelligent programming that allows them to independently scrub and vacuum all pool surfaces.

The key difference from suction cleaners is that robotic models have pumps and filters built right into the unit. They do not rely on tapping into your pool’s plumbing and filtration system. Robotic cleaners are completely self-contained and autonomous.

Robotic models offer superior convenience and cleaning capabilities:

– Fully autonomous operation – just turn on and walk away. Cleans on its own for up to 2.5 hours.
– Thoroughly scrubs, vacuums and filters all pool surfaces – floor, walls, waterline. Covers every inch of the pool.
– Smart sensor navigation to ensure systematic cleaning in neat rows.
– Ultra-fine filtration down to 2 microns using self-contained filter cartridges. Far superior to typical pool filters.
– Programmable cleaning cycles. Set on a schedule to clean daily, weekly, etc.
– Control and monitor cleaning from a smartphone app.

With robotic cleaners, pool owners can ensure a consistently spotless pool with zero effort. Just turn it on and let it do the work on its own. Far more advanced and convenient than suction cleaners, robotic models are the ultimate pool cleaning investment.

BWT Robotic Cleaners – The Smarter Pool Cleaning Solution

BWT produces some of the most technologically advanced robotic pool cleaners available. Their range of models are designed to provide maximum cleaning convenience for any size pool. Options include:


An affordable robotic cleaner perfect for small to medium-sized residential pools up to 12m. Delivers thorough floor and wall scrubbing.


A wheeled robotic cleaner equipped with dual scrub brushes for all-surface cleaning. Ideal for medium-sized pools up to 12m. Navigates in neat rows for systematic coverage.


A heavy-duty robot for large residential pools up to 12m long. Dual-active brushes with extra suction power to tackle big pool cleaning.


A commercial-grade robotic cleaner built for large pools up to 18m. High-end design cleans quickly and deeply.

All BWT robotic models utilise smart extras like multi-directional scrubbing brushes to scour in all directions, high-suction pumps for maximum vacuuming power, and advanced 4D micro-filtration down to 2 microns to capture fine dirt.

These robots also have intelligent navigation technology to map out the most efficient cleaning path based on pool shape and surfaces. This ensures every inch is covered.
For pool owners wanting maximum convenience, hygiene, and maintenance savings, BWT’s range of affordable and high-performance robotic cleaners represent the smarter pool cleaning solution.


When it comes to keeping your pool immaculately clean, nothing beats the convenience and performance of an advanced robotic cleaner like those offered by BWT. Compared to traditional suction cleaners, BWT robots provide a number of compelling benefits:

– Save hours of time each week that would be spent manually vacuuming and scrubbing the pool. Enjoy leisure time instead of maintenance.
– Enhance hygiene and water quality by removing contaminants like dirt, bacteria, and biofilms that suction cleaners miss.
– Reduce costs for chemicals, electricity, and professional cleaning services thanks to the robots’ deep-cleaning capabilities.
– Operate energy-efficiently using less power than running your pump for hours of suction cleaning.

With features like multi-directional scrubbing brushes, strong vacuum suction, and micro-filtration down to 2 microns, BWT’s range of robotic models deliver unrivalled, thorough cleaning of all pool surfaces. Intelligent navigation ensures systematic coverage.

For homeowners who want to save time, enhance pool hygiene, and reduce maintenance efforts, upgrading to an advanced robotic cleaner from BWT is the smarter investment compared to basic suction cleaners. The result is a sparkling clean pool with no work required on your part.

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