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Cordless, powerful, efficient pool cleaning experience
  • For large leaves and fine sediment.
  • A versatile vacuum for all pool cleaning needs.
  • Versatile LED indicator to indicate when the unit is ready to use / in operation / clogged / needs to be charged.
  • Automatic ON /OFF operation with water sensor.
  • Waterproof Magnetic Switch.
  • Removable extensions for cleaning narrow areas.
  • Flexible extensions facilitate cleaning over curved pool surfaces.
  • Powerful suction.
  • Built-in safety mechanism ensures blades automatically cease operation upon clogging.
  • Underside brush to help dislodge debris.
  • Ball-bearing wheels ensure easy gliding on any type of pool surface.
  • Strong swivelling metal handle can be connected to a standard Australian telescopic pole (not included).
  • Patented cartridge filter bag – replaceable pleated cartridge filter captures fine sand and sediment from the pool bottom.
  • Includes 3 filtersStandard for leaves and twigs, Fine for sand and grass, Cartridges for silt and algae.
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