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Aquarius is an affordable cleaning solution for small commercial swimming pools.
  • The Aquarius Robotic Pool Cleaner handles 15m pools of any shape and is compatible with all pool finishes.
  • Cleans the floor, walls, and waterline with its bidirectional suction technology, ensuring optimal cleaning.
  • Quick cleaning cycles of 3, 4, or 5 hours.
  • Smart navigation algorithm for fast and efficient cleaning.
  • Remote-control feature guides the cleaner to particular areas of the pool that need special attention.
  • Premium trolley included making it easy to transport and store.
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BWT Commercial Pool Cleaner Aquarius
BWT Aquarius PVA Brushes
Aquarius Bidirectional Suction
Aquarius 4D Filter
The best solution for intensive cleaning of small public pools

Get your small public pool sparkling clean with the best intense cleaning solution. Our powerful robotic cleaner is perfect for hotels, universities, schools and more!

With its rapid three-hour cycle, you get impeccable cleaning of all surfaces from floor to walls and waterline in record time.

Plus, it boasts a dynamic oil-cooled pump motor separate from drive motors, making it a simple yet incredibly effective plug-and-play operation – get started instantly!

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