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BWT Pool Robot B100

For pools up to 8 metres (any shape or surface finish).
Floor only.


Length of the cleaning cycle: one and half hours.


The 4 drive brushes dislodge deposits to leave the surface perfectly clean. The additional rotating brush ensures impeccable cleaning of the pool floor. “BWT clean!”


A lever allows the filter to be released and pulled out from above and then cleaned without getting your hands dirty.

B200 4D filter
B200 4x4 - 4 Drive Wheels
Intelligent Drive System B100
Powerful Suction with Adjustable Intake

BWT pool cleaning robots feature the most potent suction of any robot on the market. The intake valves allow precise adjustment to double suction power, guaranteeing optimal cleaning performance.

Efficient Travel

Four large wheels allow BWT robots to navigate obstacles, from toys forgotten on the pool floor to uneven surfaces.

Optimal Filtration

Our advanced 4D filter system consists of elastic 3D microfiber loops coupled with vibrating motion, which maximizes water throughput and suction power, trapping even the tiniest impurities – nothing escapes.

Plug and Play

Our robots are incredibly easy to operate – press the start button and let them get to work cleaning all parts of your pool.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

The filter is easy to pull out and clean without getting your hands dirty. Plus, the transparent filter lid means you always know when the filter needs cleaning.

Say goodbye to manual pool cleaning and experience the luxury of an always-clean pool with BWT pool cleaning robots.