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BWT Pool Robot D300

For pools up to 12 metres (any shape or surface finish).
Floor, walls and waterline.


Length of the cleaning cycle: 1.5, 2 or 2.5 hours.


The 4 drive brushes dislodge deposits to leave the surface perfectly clean. The additional rotating brush ensures impeccable cleaning of the pool floor. “BWT clean!”


A lever allows the filter to be released and pulled out from above and then cleaned without getting your hands dirty.


The BWT D300 APP model comes with a Bluetooth module.
Using the BWT Best Water Home app, available for download free of charge from the AppleStore or PlayStore, control is at your fingertips. Ideal for focusing on problem areas. You can navigate freely to pick up small stones your children just threw into the pool. Your pool, clean in an instant with little or no effort.

D300 full filter indicator logo
Ergonomic Design for Easy Maintenance and Transport

The BWT D300 is easy to use and maintain. The filter can be released by pressing a button and then cleaned without getting your hands dirty. And its robust and practical transport caddy makes it effortless to move and store.
The power cable features an anti-tangle electrical swivel that allows the robot total freedom of movement.

Ultimate power & Breezer technology

Equipped with Breezer technology, the BWT D300 features an efficient transmission paired with two drive motors and a powerful pump, resulting in reliable and unmatched cleaning power. The Ultimate Power system provides optimized travel and unrivalled reliability.

Safe and reliable

The BWT D300 takes safety seriously. It runs off a low-voltage transformer and is fitted with an automatic stop, complying with European safety standards. Plus, it features in-water and out-of-water safety mechanisms for added peace of mind.

Optimal Cleaning Path with Adjustable Handle

The BWT D300 robot pool cleaner has an adjustable handle that allows easy transport and balances the cleaner in the water. Set the handle in a diagonal position to optimise the cleaning path in the pool.