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BWT Pool Robot D600 APP

For pools up to 12 meters (any shape or surface finish).
Floor, walls and waterline.


Length of the cleaning cycle: 1.5, 2 or 2.5 hours.


The 4 drive brushes dislodge deposits to leave the pool surface perfectly clean. The additional vibrating brush ensures impeccable cleaning of the pool floor. “BWT clean!”


A lever allows the filter to be released and pulled out from above and then cleaned without getting your hands dirty.

Light up your life!

The new BWT Tornado robotic pool cleaners offer the best of this type of technology: clean surfaces, crystal clear water, a contemporary design, and as an added bonus, the soothing pleasure of a sensational, nocturnal light show. Four excellent reasons to choose the best, the BWT Tornado robotic pool cleaner range.

A fascinating visual experience

Making cleaning an absolute pleasure, these innovative robotic cleaners illuminate your pool with a pink glow that pulses with the rhythm of a breath: a superb sight! This subtle light show embellishes your pool and entertains your guests at summer poolside gatherings.

Impeccable cleaning

The D Line Tornado pool cleaners will offer consumers benefits such as: one of the best filtration performances on the market, unbeatable suction power, exceptional agility over every surface, on-board intelligence, robust, outstanding reliability. It is the first choice of professionals and discerning pool owners.

Compact, hydrodynamic and energy efficient

With its very low lines, very compact design, BWT Tornado robotic cleaners easily maneuver through tight spaces. Its hydrodynamic design reduces drag so less power is needed to drive it though the water. A real energy saving.

Optimised scrubbing action

These robotic cleaners feature 4 brushes made of a PVA specially formulated to be compatible with all pool surface finishes. Along with the additional vibrating PVC brush, they provide impeccable cleaning of your pool.

Fast, intelligent cleaning

BWT robots move quickly and clean fast. They feature the smart navigation system. Comprised of a gyroscope navigation system that computes the cleaning path. The cleaning cycle is shorter and the entire surface to be cleaned is covered. The pool floor, walls and water line are perfectly clean with a minimum number of passes.

Clever handle design

As the robot climbs the pool wall, settling into a diagonal position to cause the robot to take an alternate route as it descends. Coverage of the walls is optimised and the cleaning time is reduced.