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Ideal for cleaning all shapes and sizes of in-ground commercial pools.
  • Cleans the floor, walls, and waterline of the pool
  • Operates with a low cost per hour
  • Unmatched suction power for optimal cleaning
  • Features smart navigation algorithm for fast and efficient cleaning
  • Compatible with all types of pool finishes
  • Easy to use for the operator
  • Auto shut-off function at the end of the cleaning cycle
  • Includes a premium trolley for effortless transport and storage
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BWT Commercial Pool Cleaning Robot Magnum
Biderectional Magnum
BWT Magnum Aquasmart Gyro Technology
BWT Magnum Commercial Trolley Included
The best solution for public pools up to 20m

Do you need a reasonably priced and dependable Robotic Pool Cleaner? One that can clean commercial pools of any shape up to 20m long and works well with all types of pool finishes?

Smart Cleaning

The Magnum Junior efficiently cleans the pool floor and maintains clear water using a smart navigation algorithm that calculates the best route for removing dirt and debris.

Affordability, reliability, and simplicity

The Magnum Junior is a cost-effective solution for commercial pool operators. Despite its advanced features, this device remains simple and reliable. It is convenient and easy to handle and clean. You can now let the Magnum Junior do all the work while you sit back and relax.

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