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Designed for extra large and Olympic-size pools
  • Unmatched power and efficiency with this innovative pool cleaning system! 
  • 200 cubic metres of water filtered per cycle.
  • Unique navigation algorithm for rapid cleaning.
  • High-performance, pool cleaner works on all types of pool finishes.
  • User-friendly operation allows you to choose from 3, 4 or 6-hour long cycles and timer delays. 
  • The infrared sensor shuts down the robot automatically at the end of each session – no extra effort needed!
  • Transport and storage are easy: every commercial pool cleaner includes an exclusive premium trolley.
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BWT Ultramax Commercial Pool Cleaning Robot
Bidirectional Suction
Aquasmart Gyro Technology
Commercial Trolley Included
The best solution for large commercial pools

The Ultramax robot pool cleaner caters to the cleaning needs of large public pools, including Olympic-sized (50m).

It can filter 60,000 gallons of water per cycle, making it highly effective for large commercial pools.

Smart cleaner

The Ultramax pool cleaner connects with the AquaSmart Gyro system and ensures it follows the most efficient cleaning path. The AquaSmart Gyro System utilizes a scanning formula that adapts to the dimensions, shape, and pool surface finish, resulting in a quick and thorough cleaning experience.

Affordability, reliability, and simplicity

The Ultramax is an affordable and reliable solution for commercial pool owners incorporating advanced features. It is easy to manage and clean, ultimately simplifying pool maintenance.

With Ultramax, pool owners can relax and enjoy their leisure time while the pool cleaner does all the hard work.

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Commercial Swimming Pool
Ultramax Commercial Pool Cleaner Specifications