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The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners on the Australian Market

BWT Pools robotic pool cleaner Cosmy

For serious pool owners wanting a hardworking, high-performance automatic cleaner, a premium robotic option truly delivers.

These advanced machines raise the bar with seamless navigation and exhaustive cleaning capabilities. But which is best?

Let’s examine three top performers from BWT Pools and share what we consider the top things to consider when choosing the best robotic pool cleaner on the market in Australia.

The BWT Cosmy Pool Cleaner Range

Our Cosmy robot pool cleaning range is widely praised by our customers for its maneuverability and unique spherical design that grips tight corners no rectangle could reach. Low-riding Cosmys access each plane equally for meticulous results.

Cosmy 200

For large residential pools, the Cosmy 200 strips away any debris or algae with dual scrubbing brushes and powerful suction. Optimised flow and filter maximise runtime before emptying. The Cosmy 200 pool cleaning robot is ideal for residential pools up to 12 metres in length.

Cosmy 250

This marvel boasts triple counter-rotating bristle discs plus four-wheel drive traction to scour even complex pool geometries nonstop thoroughly. The Cosmy 250 possesses filters that process vast volumes making cleaning your pool easier than ever. This model is suitable for pools up to 15 metres.

The D Line Range

Matchless at total water coverage, the D Line robots combine smart multisensory guidance with buffing pads that eradicate dirt down deep.

BWT D200

The BWT D200 leaves no square millimetre untouched thanks to its precision laser navigation driving counter-revolving brush discs. A giant filter holds prodigious hauls. Suitable for pools up to 12 metres in length.

What To Look For In A Robot Pool Cleaner

When investing in a high-end automatic cleaner these features deliver:

  • Intelligent Navigation – Premium AI guidance learned pools seamlessly for exhaustive coverage.
  • Surfacing & Scrubbing – Sophisticated brushing plus the ability to climb reveals hidden scuzz faster.
  • Enhanced Filtration – Filters capture microscopic allergens/particles better.
  • Durability – Heavy-duty components and simple maintenance.
  • Controls – Integrated monitoring/remote control apps maximize functionality.
  • Service Support – Brands offer reliable service networks for incident-free operation.

BWT backs every robot with knowledgeable local advisors plus repair centers nationwide. Their decades of pool insights ensures you get unbeatable performance from high-performance Aussie engineering.

With a BWT premium robotic pool cleaner, cleaning becomes effortless so you’ll love your water more. Rely on their expertise to choose the model perfectly tailored to your unique pool and needs.

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