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The Cost of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps In Australia

BWT Top Discharge Swimming Pool Heat Pump

How Much Do Heat Pumps Cost in Australia?

If you’re looking to heat your swimming pool all year round, a heat pump is widely considered the most efficient and cost-effective option. As the experts in pool equipment, BWT Pools Australia offer a range of high-performance heat pumps to suit all budgets.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of heat pumps available, their typical cost ranges and why pool heat pumps are priced the way they are.

Types of BWT Pool Heat Pumps

BWT Australia swimming pool heat pumps come in three styles – top discharge, front discharge, and rear discharge. The style indicates where the warm air is expelled from the unit.

Top Discharge Heat Pumps

Top discharge heat pumps expel heated air upward and are quiet and the most aesthetically pleasing option.

They have advanced internal components and compact design.

BWT Pools offers a sleekly designed top discharge pool pump that’s available in five different models and capacities, all with 25-year warranties.

BWT Top Discharge Pool Heater

Front Discharge Heat Pumps

As the name suggests, front discharge heat pumps are floor-standing and output warm air through the front face. These units are highly efficient while taking up minimal deck space.

Their open frontal design makes performance maintenance easy.

BWT Pools offers a range of front discharge heat pump models to suit any output need.

Front Discharge Swimming Pool Heating System

Rear Discharge Heat Pumps

Rear discharge heat pumps exhaust air away from swimmers. They offer a more affordable solution.

However, BWT Pools’ range of Pearl rear discharge heat pump offers industry-leading efficiency and performance for the majority of pool owners across Australia.

Factors Affecting Pool Heat Pump Costs

When obtaining a quote for a new heat pump, several variables will impact the final price:

Heating Capacity

Larger pools requiring higher peak kW heating will cost more to install than smaller pumps. BWT’s wide range of unit capacities caters to all pool sizes.

Additional Features

Inverter drive technology, smart controls, longer warranties – all value-add features that may boost the base unit cost.

For example, BWT Pools offer extended 25-year warranties, as well as the BWT Connect platform that allows customers to monitor their heat pump’s performance from their smartphone and access to unique features like remote technical support.

Running Costs – Heat Pumps Vs Alternatives

BWT heat pumps offer vastly superior money- and energy-saving benefits in the long run. Their inverter-driven operation means electricity usage is a fraction of less adjustable units.

Quality, Performance and Warranty Assurance

It’s easy to focus solely on purchase price, but the substantial value proposition lies in long-term savings, functionality and reduced lifetime costs.

BWT’s unrivalled 25-year heat exchanger warranty provides complete reassurance – exactly what you need for complete peace of mind with a major pool equipment investment.

Their heat pumps are also backed nationally by a team dedicated to customer service and support.

The cost of heating your pool relies on many complex variables, but with BWT’s informed guidance, premium quality range and optimised running efficiencies, you can be confident of maximising cost-benefits.

As the industry leaders in swimming pool heat pumps in Australia, BWT Pools is uniquely positioned to analyse your specific requirements and recommend the right product for both your budget and ideal swimming pool environment. solution.

Contact us today to find your perfect heat pump solution.

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