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Welcome to BWT Pools Australia

Experience a perfect pool with BWT!


Welcome to BWT Pools Australia

Experience a perfect pool with BWT!


Welcome to BWT Pools Australia

Experience a perfect pool with BWT!

BWT Robots

BWT Robotic pool cleaners provide impeccable cleaning, clear water and immaculate surfaces.

BWT Heat Pumps

The Intelligent Swimming Pool Heat Pump.

BWT Rechargeable Vacuums

Cordless, powerful, efficient pool cleaning vacuums.

BWT Pools Head Office

Best Water Technology

“For You and Planet Blue”

Our name says it all: we understand our mission to be to develop the best water treatment products and services anywhere. But even more: water is our mission. We ensure hygiene, safety and health in people’s day-to-day contact with water. We continuously pursue our research to develop innovative solutions, and work to further enhance our products.

We aspire to provide our customers with the highest quality water treatment systems, technologies and services while simultaneously conserving the resources of our blue planet.

Latest BWT News

Keep up to date with the latest products, specials and events.

Latest News
November 17, 2023

Keeping Your Pool Sparkling Clean: Robotic vs. Suction Pool Cleaners

Many have the dream or desire to own their own swimming pool so that they can enjoy a refreshing dip whenever it suits them. However, what you may not realise…
Blog post featured image, the BWT with their sponsored formula one car.Latest News
April 6, 2023

Melbourne Formula One Weekend

Lincoln BWT had the privilege to host 50 of our customers for the Australian Formula 1 weekend. The weekend started with customers flying in from around the country with accommodation…
Image of BWT Pools Formula One Car.Latest News
October 31, 2022

BWT and Sports

BWT has been a sponsor of top-​class sports since 2015. We are united by the demand for quality, innovative technologies, and the passion to give our best every day. The…

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