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Best Water Technology

“For You and Planet Blue”

Our name says it all: we understand our mission is to develop the best water treatment products and services anywhere. But even more: water is our mission. We ensure hygiene, safety and health in people’s day-to-day contact with water. We continuously pursue our research to develop innovative solutions, and work to further enhance our products.

We aspire to provide our customers with the highest quality water treatment systems, technologies and services while simultaneously conserving the resources of our blue planet.

Our slogan “For You and Planet Blue” sums up our mission perfectly: namely, striving to act sustainably and responsibly as a business enterprise to both meet the needs of every individual as well as preserve our planet as a unique biosphere.

“For You”

BWT’s goals and products are geared to people and their needs. The “You” in our motto stands for our customers, our business partners and our employees.

“For Planet Blue”

This part of our slogan underscores not only the vital role that the classical element water plays on our “blue planet”, but also the role which BWT plays in this context. We use our know-how to treat the limited water reserves of our planet to make this resource usable for humankind – always in harmony with nature.

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Best Water Technology


Without water there is no life, no growth and no progress. Which is why BWT has dedicated itself to water – our most important vital consumable and our lifeblood – with a vision of becoming the global leader in water technology and developing products and processes that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

BWT change the world sip by sip

BWT Bottle Free Zones

“Change the World – sip by sip” communicates our long-term goal to provide perfect drinking water quality everywhere in the world. With innovative, patented BWT technologies, it is possible to filter local water and at the same time enrich it with valuable minerals and trace elements such as magnesium, zinc and silicate.

Thanks to BWT, great tasting, mineralized water of the best quality comes directly from the tap, the water dispenser or the table water jug. This allows people worldwide, wherever they are, to resign from single-use plastic bottles – saving the time-consuming transport, storage and disposal of this unnecessary plastic waste.