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BWT P Line Pool Robot - The Ultimate Choice for Pool Owners

When you own a pool, there’s nothing more important than ensuring it’s always clean and inviting. That’s why the BWT P Line Pool Robot is the ultimate choice for pool owners who demand the best.

With a perfect blend of performance, aesthetics, functionality, and intelligence, P Line robot cleaners satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

BWT P600 Robot Pool Cleaner

For simply perfect pools.

P600 Pool Cleaning Robot
Unmatched Agility & Grip

Their remarkable agility and grip enable them to climb pool walls easily. And the SMART navigation system ensures they move fast and clean efficiently, covering every inch of the pool floor, walls, and waterline.

Incredible Power

With unmatched suction power that can be doubled through precise adjustment of the intake valves, P Line cleaners effortlessly remove every type of debris from your pool.

4D Filtration

With a 4D filter that consists of elastic 3D microfibre loops, these cleaners deliver one of the finest filtration performances on the market, trapping even the tiniest impurities.

Easy to Use & Safe

Perfect for any pool shape up to 15m long, the P Line Pool Robot is easy to use and features high-density foam brushes that adapt to every pool surface. And with a top access design, cleaning the P600 is a breeze. For safety, P600 pool cleaners have low-voltage transformers and automatic stop mechanisms, making them safe and reliable.

Do you want a stunningly clean pool that reflects your lifestyle? Choose the BWT P Line Pool Robot. It’s the ultimate choice for pool owners who demand the very best.

BWT P600 Pool Cleaning Robot Smart Navigation App

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