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Robotic Pool Cleaners - BWT Pools

Our range will let you enjoy more time lounging by the pool rather than working hard to maintain it.

Explore our selection below. At BWT, we believe in being a one stop shop for pool cleaning equipment and therefore provide a comprehensive lineup of pool equipment that make it easy for you to sit back and relax while our robot cleaners keep your water crystal clear all year round.

Once your robot is set up, all you have to do is turn it on and enjoy your spotless pool. You can even control your BWT Pool Robot directly from your smartphone.

Why Every Pool Should Have A Robotic Pool Cleaner


  • Keeping your pool clean and inviting is really the aim of the game when it comes to pool ownership. All that enjoyment depends on clean, healthy water. But manual scrubbing can feel like a chore! Eventually grime slips by, risking algae or worse.
  • Luckily our cutting-edge robotic pool cleaners lend an extra set of hands. Powered by patented tech, they vacuum up dirt long before it hits filters. Nothing escapes their reach on floors or walls.
  • Best of all, an automatic system means your family relaxing in beautifully clean water – not spending weekends on scouring tasks. Just set it and forget it for freshness you can see.

So give maintenance the day off and put reliability on the job instead. Kick back as high-powered helpers take flawless care of your oasis behind the scenes. That’s the freedom a skilled system brings!

B200 Pool Robot on a deck
Green Cosmy Pool Cleaning Robot

The Main Benefits of Using a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Save Time: Fully automate your cleaning process and spend more time doing what you enjoy.

Efficiency: Unlike a traditional pool cleaner, our products are designed to clean the floor and walls as well eliminating any potential build up before it occurs.

Cost Effectiveness: Our pool cleaning robots will often use less energy to complete your pool clean than a traditional pool cleaner.

Complete Versatility: Our products are capable of adapting to your pool no matter the shape or size.

Consistent Cleaning Performance: Achieve the same result, every time without the worry that your cleaner will miss anything

Enhance Your Pool Health: Our pool cleaners will eliminate debris, algae and bacteria build up before it occurs.

Why Choose a BWT Pool Robot?

Industry-Leading Performance

Our cleaners are fitted with exceptionally powerful yet precise filters. No speck is too small for their intelligent suction to safely capture. Where others might miss even the tiniest traces of debris, our automatic helpers leave pools sparkling at a microscopic level.

More Efficient

Operate your robotic pool cleaner from the comfort of your smartphone or simply set up a fully automated cleaning schedule and your robotic cleaner will clean your pool regularly without you even noticing!

Save On Pool Cleaning Costs

No longer will you need to pay for regular pool cleaning or spend money on harsh chemicals to do it yourself. Our robotic pool cleaners are also more energy efficient than other models, meaning they will lower your electricity costs.

Pool Cleaning With Minimal Environmental Impact

From our pool robots to our rechargeable pool vacuums, BWT’s entire product range has been specifically designed to reduce the impact of pool cleaning on the environment. One of the most effective ways our product range does this is by reducing the need for harsh chemicals in the cleaning process that have disastrous impacts on our environment and eco system. 

P600 Pool Cleaning Robot

What are the Key Features of Our BWT Pool Robot Range?

Advanced Cleaning Technology

Our cutting edge technology harnessing the power of multi-directional brushes and scrubbing action allow our robots to cut through dirt and debris with total efficiency. This, paired with the high-performance 4D filtration system which traps fine particles before any build up can occur.

Intelligent Navigation System

Our systems learn your pool, enabling them to precisely map out the surface area, avoid obstacles and work out the most optimal and efficient route around your pool.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Maintaining your BWT robot is simple with our easy to clean filter cartridges that can be effortlessly removed and emptied. This, combined with our user friendly controls and mobile app make our products simple and hassle free to operate.

Durable, Long Lasting Design

We understand the demands of pool cleaning and have designed our products with this in mind. We only use high quality materials when constructing our robots in order to ensure maximum longevity for your investment

Cosmy Robots Thumbnail

Our range of BWT robot pool cleaners have options for every budget and cleaning level required. From small residential pools all the way up to large scale commercial pools. 

Are you ready to level up your pool cleaning system and adopt the perfect solution to achieve a sparkling clean, hygienic pool every single day?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a robot pool cleaner worth the upfront investment?

Yes! Robot pool cleaners not only save you money by replacing the need for regular professional pool cleaning or the cost of chemicals, it is also gives more time to enjoy your pool and less time worrying about cleaning it!

How often should I be cleaning my pool?

If you have a pool installed in your home, we recommend cleaning it 2 to 3 times per week. However, commercial pool cleaning may require daily cleaning depending on the amount of use. The beauty of our pool robots is that you’re able to automate a cleaning schedule and then the robot will follow it on a weekly basis without you having to do a thing!

Can I leave my pool robot in the pool when it is not cleaning?

This is not recommended. You should remove your pool cleaning robot from the pool when not in use.

Do I need to brush my pool if I have a pool cleaning robot?

We still recommend that you brush around the outside of your pool as well as the steps before running the pool cleaning robot to ensure that everything is picked up. However this is optional and robots will largely replace the need for brushing.

Do Pool Robots Consume a lot of electricity?

Generally, one of our pool robots will use the equivalent amount of electricity as a vacuum cleaner, BWT specific robots have been designed with more energy efficient features than other options on the market making them the most economical method of keeping your pool clean.

Will a pool robot pick up algae?

Yes in most cases a pool robot will pick up light algae. Our robots are built with powerful suction and multi directional brushes in order to pick up dirt, debris and fine particles before they have a chance to build up.

What is the average lifespan of a robotic pool cleaner?

This will largely depend on the frequency of use, pool environment and size of the pool. However most cleaners will last up to 5 years when used correctly. All of the BWT range are built with high quality parts and materials to ensure maximum durability.

How long will it take my robotic cleaner to clean my pool?

For a standard sized residential pool we recommend running your cleaner for 1.5 to 2 hours in order to ensure the pool is completely clean. With the BWT Robots, you can run it completely automatically by setting up a pool cleaning schedule.

Will my robotic pool cleaner clean the surface of my pool?

Some robot pool cleaners will clean the surface but not all of them can. Our BWT Robots are designed with the ability to climb the walls of the pool in order to effectively clean the entire pool, top to bottom.

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